Let's Talk Social Media Insights

We all know how great social media platforms are for any business or brand. They have made communicating with your customers, getting new customers and even increasing your revenue much easier. Social media platforms are also a good way for your business or brand to interact with the world. But the best thing about social media platforms are Insights and most people don’t know what #insights are.

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So first things first, what are social media insights?

Now i'm not going to give a marketers definition of what social media insights are. Let’s break it down and make it as simple as possible.

Social media insights are information about your followers, your content and your engagements. It's that simple. No longer do you have to guess about whether your marketing endeavours are getting the results you want. With social media insights you can understand how your content is being consumed, who is seeing your content and whether or not you are providing content for the right target audience.

Now how do you find your #insights?

Social media insights are pretty easy to find although there are different conditions for each platform. The easiest thing to do is to run a google search, e.g “how to find my insights on Instagram”. You’ll get detailed instructions on what to do and you’ll studying those insights in no time.

The BIG one. How can insights help your business?
Here are the top 3 ways.

1. Target Audience: Insights will actually help you know if your social media platforms are attracting your target audience. For example let's say target audience are women aged 25-35 but the majority of your followers on Instagram are actually women from age 18-25. This means your content on Instagram is actually attracting a different target audience and this might be one of the reasons why you might not be getting the results that you want from your social media endeavours. This is a great way to know who exactly is following you. How many women, how many men. What is their age range or location. Social media insights will give you all this information.

2. Your Content Strategy: Social media insights will help you gauge whether or not you have an effective content strategy. For example, if your target audience does not match up with your followers online you can actually change your content strategy to start attracting your intended target audience which your insights will help you know if you’re on the right track. So you’re going to see a change or shift in your follower base from either men to women or the percentage of men vs women or a change from the age range of your followers and then you know that your content strategy is actually working and attracting the people you want it to.

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Social Media Insights are great way to check the efficiency of your digital marketing plan or your strategy. So if you’re trying to boost your following or increase your engagement. Your insights will let you know how you’re doing. So you can get insights from one time period to another time period, let’s say June and July. You can then compare your insights for June versus your insights for July and check to see if you’re actually reaching those KPI’s. Like receiving more calls from your social media platforms or getting more comments and engagement or having more likes and an increase in the number of followers.

So if you are using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to grow your business or brand, you definitely want to take advantage of your #insights.

It gives you a lot of clarity and ultimately helps you make better social media marketing decisions, which is always a great thing.

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